Behavior Change Architect

Behavior Change Architect

Building a Framework for Change

Changing Behavior. Some believe that the adoption of positive behaviors by individuals and communities “just happens.” But the truth is, there is a science behind how to encourage and design for change. 

The Behavior Change Architect Podcast is a conversation about innovative and evidence-based behavior change strategies to increase well-being. Listen in to discussions with thought leaders, industry experts, and innovative scientists, on hot-button topics around specific behaviors like vaping, resilience, and financial well-being, as well as research and design issues including engagement, technology, and communication strategies. 

We will go beyond published works to discuss behind-the-scenes topics and cutting-edge findings. Tune in as your host, Dr. Kerry Evers, takes you on a journey to change the discussion, change perspectives, and ultimately, help you change behavior for your clients, populations, and perhaps even yourself!